Roots & Branches
Deepening the Five Element Acupuncture Conversation
Still Meadow Retreat Center (25 minutes east of Portland)

May 2-4, 2014

Immerse yourself in the water element at this year’s Roots & Branches Five Element Symposium.  Roots & Branches annual symposium is dedicated to the continual learning process of deepening and widening practitioner’s ability to understand and embody the 5 elements within an acupuncture practice or as a process of self-unfolding.  Each year we will systematically look at an individual element, bringing you gems from the classics, playful and experiential exercises, selected Spirit of the Points, and practical rapport skills.  Among the speakers at Roots and Branches are highly accomplished and dynamic practitioners and scholars, assembled to foster a thriving 5 Element community.
With a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching, the speakers at Roots & Branches will combine rigorous scholarly training with rich sensory experience.  In this way the wisdom contained in the Chinese medicine classics can be both understood and made experientially useful in contemporary life and medical practice.

May 5, 2014
Post Conference CSOE immersion with Niki Bilton
This is a rare chance to spend an entire day honing your CSOE skills around the single element of water.  Niki is gifted at creating exercises, games and experiences that will significantly deepen your ability to see and embody the elements within your practice.  Her sensory learning practices are rooted in a deep understanding of classical Chinese literature, making for a very grounded yet expansive experience.
Any questions? Email us at or call Shannon at 503-453-3577

29 NCCAOM PDAs (Awarded)
22.5 main conference
6.5 Niki's post conference
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