Friday May 2-
9-12:  Thea Elijah:  Are you Willing?

Thea is a highly dynamic presenter with a gift for transmitting the feel of an element as it manifests in a person.  She will present the will of water, the Zhi.  Come to a deeper understanding of the zhi while also having a visceral experience from your chair (or perhaps not from your chair.) 

What is the nature of the will?  Is it freely responsive to our sovereign consciousness?  Is it determined by our inherent nature?  How does our understanding and use of the will affect our health and happiness?  These are interesting questions to consider on an intellectual basis--and yet to live well, we need to go even further into the darkness.  We need to seek the answers in the direct experience of our own life force, at its foundation in our own depths

12-1: Lunch

1-1:30: Tai Chi with David Goodell

The timeless principles and graceful healing T’ai Chi movements we will experience are from the Yang Style Short Form as taught by the late Cheng Man Ch’ing, and the Roots and Branches Qi Gong he assigned to his patients and which have been systematically presented by Pat Gorman, M.Ac., a Worsley trained acupuncturist and Legacy Holder of the Tai Chi Foundation. Deeply relaxing and enjoyable, these provide a means to rejuvenate our body, clear our mind, and engender a feeling of well-being and connectedness that we can easily access every time we spend a few minutes practicing. This class is meant for experienced practitioners wanting to refine their practice as well as those trying Tai Chi for the first time.

1:30-4:15: Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee: Jing
In 5 Element acupuncture, one of our essential jobs is to make sure that the essences are in right relationship to qi and shen.  Elisabeth will discuss the substance of Jing from her deep training in classical Chinese texts.  She is a scholar who can simplify and make accessible some of the foundational concepts of Chinese medicine.  Her descriptions are engaging and she is a treat to listen to. 

4:30-6: Breakout Groups

6-6:30: Q&A

Saturday May 3-
9-10:30: Neil Gumenick: BL & KI channels and key points

Neil is a powerhouse of experience, holding the only "professorship" of 5 Element bestowed by JR Worsley. He is especially gifted in his ability to guide students in deepening their rapport skills and in sharing the Spirit of the Points. He will share with us his deep knowledge of the Spirit of the Points on the Bladder and Kidney channel, bringing a grounded understanding to this more esoteric aspect of our medicine.  You won’t want to miss the breakout groups, where Neil will share his insightful rapport artistry that you can’t find in the books.

11-12:30: Shannon Conrad: The character of the point
Shannon will examine selected Chinese characters for points on the BL and KI  meridians. She will lead us through a deeper examination of the names and meanings of the points, and how the difference between two similar characters actually makes a difference in the treatment room. 

12:30-1:30: Lunch

1:30-2: Tai Chi with David Goodell

2-4:15: David Ford: Shamanic roots of the BL and KI officials

David Ford has a gift for transmitting the awe-inspiring power of nature to reflect how  the 5 elements transform all levels of body, mind, and spirit. He will stretch your insight into the image based archetypes within the elements, then inspire you to experience them for yourself.  David will be representing the Bladder & Kidney officials from the deeper shamanic roots of the medicine.  The Bladder and Kidney have powerful gifts of "mapping" the silence and stillness, transmitting the potential to master the "unknowable flow and mystery" of our collective lives.

4:30-6: Breakout Groups

6-6:30: Q&A

Sunday May 4-
9-12:30: Niki Bilton

In 5 Element acupuncture it is well known that the organs are looked at as officials in the royal court, meaning a collection of functions and qualities designed to manifest the health and integrity of body, mind, and spirit. Niki will teach that the primary acupuncture channels are the anatomy of the officials, and that they are the first indicators both of a person’s health and pathology. She will show how this will impact treatment, and how to work effectively with pathology in the Bladder and Kidney channels. Having studied and practiced with extensively JR Worsley, Niki has thorough knowledge of the classics as well as treating and teaching advanced 5 Element techniques and skills.

12:30-1:30: Lunch

1:30-2: Tai Chi with David Goodell

2-3:30: Breakout Groups

3:45-4:45: Speaker Panel

4:45-5: Closing Remarks

Monday May 5-- Postconference with Niki Bilton

This is a rare chance to spend an entire day honing your CSOE skills around the single element of water.  Niki is gifted at creating exercises, games and experiences that will significantly deepen your ability to see and embody the elements within your practice.  Her sensory learning practices are rooted in a deep understanding of classical Chinese literature, making for a very grounded yet expansive experience.

9-12:  Morning session
12-1:30: Lunch
1:30-5:30: Afternoon session



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